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Health & safety and environmental policies

Clearview have a comprehensive policy which states our commitment to ensure the highest level of health & safety for our employees, customers and the general public. A policy has also been developed to help us manage our environmental performance.

Health & safety policy

Our commitment to health & safety and the practical steps we take mean we have a zero lost time accident record in the last three years. We aim to maintain this record by constantly improving our staff training and our investment in the best and safest equipment to meet the highest expectation of all concerned.

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Our health & safety policy includes the following:

Management’s responsibilities.
These include ensuring sufficient time and resources are allowed for health & safety issues, that consultation with employees on matters affecting their health & safety takes place, that safe equipment is provided and maintained, and that suitable training and information is delivered (including for carrying out COSHH assessments and safely handling and using substances).

Employees’ responsibilities.
We expect our employees to comply and cooperate with safety management arrangements and procedures of our business, and those of our customers when working on their premises. We also encourage them to take reasonable care of their own health & safety, and to report all health & safety concerns to their manager.

Risk assessments.
These are undertaken to identify all hazards and risks associated with the company’s activities. The significant findings of risk assessments are documented and actions to remove, reduce and control risks are approved, implemented and reviewed. We carry out risk assessments at each site we arrive at, bearing in mind that conditions can change and so can the risk.

Safe plant, machinery and equipment.
We accept our responsibility to ensure that all plant, machinery and equipment requiring maintenance is identified, that effective maintenance procedures are drawn up and followed, and that any borrowed or hired equipment is accompanied by all appropriate maintenance and inspection records.

A complete copy of our health & safety policy is available on request.

Environmental policy

Glass recycling. Wherever possible, we send for recycling all the used glass we remove from customers’ premises. This reduces the amount of waste glass which needs to be landfilled and reduces the amount of energy used in glass production.

Other recycling. The waste we generate as a business is sorted and suitable materials are separated for recycling or reuse.

Waste carriers license. We meet our legal requirement to hold a waste carriers license and ensure we dispose of all waste at licensed tips, and obtain and file tipping notes. We are therefore able to supply our customers with evidence of correct disposal of their waste if required.

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